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Get a fresh start without compromising what you deserve. We don't back down in the courtroom and we won't back down until you get what you're entitled to.



The criminal justice system is flawed and unfair. When your freedom is on the line, you can't count on the system to protect you. But you can count on us.



When your business transaction goes wrong we can help make it right. We have the perfect blend of business and litigation experience.


The New Frontier In Legal Billing


Modern Legal Billing To Save Costs And Reflect The Actual Value Of Services

The pure billable hour is a relic of the past. Like old cobwebs on library books, the legal profession's method of billing is stale. It is out of touch with the reality of what clients want, deserve, and expect. We're changing that. We use hybrid methods designed to keep more money in your pocket and clearly show you the value of our services. How can client's assess what fair prices are when it's determined by how much time an attorney bills? Besides the conflict of interest, it is inefficient and outdated.

We Don't Nickel and Dime You

While most firms waste time counting pennies; charging for everything from paperclips to sending mail, we are working on the law. Sending mail, counseling clients, and speaking with opposing lawyers, are a few examples of expenses that are “built in” to the process. When we buy a new pair of shoes, do we have to pay extra for shoe laces? How about the cost of shipping it to the store? Do we pay extra for the time it took to make the shoes? No, of course not. Why should consumers of legal services be any different? We don’t bill at an hourly rate for time spent on sending mail and related tasks.

Where We Practice

Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties
Queens County
Kings County
New York County


Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs Charges Dismissed. Professional improperly accused of DWAI, which is a class A misdemeanor and career ender. We got the charges dismissed in less than four months.

- People v. DM

Drug charges reduced to a violation for a client with an extensive criminal record.

- People v. JK

Full amount of money recovered for client in a contract dispute

- ST v DT

Successfully negotiated real estate transaction and contract.

January 2020 *JURY TRIAL*

Jury returned verdict of not guilty for driving while intoxicated (top charge) and speeding.

- People v MJ

February 2020

10 Misdemeanor counts dismissed. Plea bargained ACD.

- People v CF

April 2020-Torts

Personal Injury case lingered for 6 years. We settled it in 2 months for 2x the amount offered by the insurance company

- OD against BC et al

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