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Our Children, Our Choice

Defending Our Children: Introduction


Post from Michael J Demetriou & Chad J LaVeglia Esq.

October 29, 2021

Hi everyone, by now you may have familiarized yourself with who I am as the Plaintiff on behalf of the Children of NYS and my why. We have been veracious behind the scenes in researching a multitude of things from peoples unique and similar tyrannical experiences, to Ameer moving more intimately in his current role to win the most important local elections we have going on now; I and we simply cannot thank Ameer enough for his time spent on this with us and his 84 hour a day clock to win us the most important of local elections of our history in my humble opinion; Ameer remains and always will be our Constitutional expert and part of our incredibly altruistic team.

As an example Steve Rhodes through our discussions with people working hard alongside me, has come out openly stating, “Decisions on children should be handled locally and power be given to the parents, not the state!” We expect to meet with Steve after his win this November and we expect all to stand behind Steve, Bruce Blakeman and Anne Donnelly with us as they will take this fight on with us now and vote them in. As part of our continued progress forward I am proud & humbled to introduce you to Chad LaVeglia our lead Trial counsel who is doing this solely for the children and seeks no money for his time and mind but rather to use our raised funds for matters which only make our case and our team stronger, so, together I ask we thank Chad and I will allow him to take it from here:

Hello everyone. My name is Chad J. LaVeglia, and I am a trial lawyer. I’ve tried over 30 cases; winning the majority of them. I naturally thrive in the courtroom. I am a former prosecutor with the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, and currently practice criminal law and commercial litigation. Defending our constitutional rights is inherent in practicing criminal law. It inspired me to go into the field, and continues to fuel my passion for it. The constitution, like a wall, protects us from the long arm of the Government. If it is not defended, then there is nothing to stop the Government from stripping away our liberties. All my trial experience has prepared me to take on this momentous battle. I don’t practice law for the money or power. I practice law to make a difference. And the courtroom is the place to effectuate change.

Outside of the courtroom I’m just a regular guy. But inside the courtroom I am a potent, formidable force. I am also a parent like all of you. I have two young sons who haven’t been able to fully experience the joys of childhood. But it’s not about my kids. It’s about all of our kids. Over the last two years we have seen the Executive Branch whittle away our rights, with impunity. And now, they are going after our children. It is time to take a united stand. We have all attempted, with no success, to fight these mandates within the confines of our school districts. There are thousands of us asserting our right to make the choice for our children.

But our voices have been ignored because we’re divided into factions within our school districts. The mask mandates and eventual vaccine mandates go beyond our local school districts though. They affect us as Long Islanders. They affect us as New Yorkers. The Government can easily ignore ten voices. But ten thousand voices, will reverberate throughout the State like thunder. If we stand together, if we unite, we can win. Fighting for a worthy cause such as this, is priceless. I’m volunteering to defend our constitutional rights. Without legal fees, there is one less obstacle in the way of joining forces. Our general plan is as follows: commence a lawsuit against the Governor, Department of Health, and other parties, challenging the mask mandate and future mandates. The goal is to put an end to the mask mandate and to protect our children from mandated vaccinations. To be clear, the crux of our claim, is that its our children, our choice. The freedom to choose is the liberty at stake here. It is not about vax versus non vax. It’s also not about party politics. We are united as parents fighting for our right to choose. And that’s all that matters.

The general goals above are supported by various, independent, legal arguments including procedural violations of the State Administrative Procedure, violations of the first, fifth, and fourteenth Amendments, exceeding the power and authority delegated to the Executive Branch, and promulgating regulations without sound scientific authority, that discriminate against our children.

Even worse, there are scientific studies which show that masks are not effective and can actually harm our children; both physically and psychologically. The more plaintiffs we have, the stronger our case will be. Our next step therefore is to give you the chance to join this case as plaintiffs. As a plaintiff , you’ll have a forum to have your voices heard. In addition, we will be in a better position to speak on behalf of all children. If you are interested, please send an email to Mandate For Freedom . Then we will schedule a virtual meeting to answer questions and provide more details. After that we are going to commence a lawsuit in Nassau County Supreme Court. You can also help by donating money. It will help us pay for the court fees and administrative expenses. Finally, spread the word and get as many people involved as you can.

I’d like to thank Michael Demetriou and all the other folks who paved the way for this opportunity and this most important of fights for our children; this is our Roe v Wade this is our Marbury v Madison, we must take this moment with grace and thanks and not shy away but rather fight it head on for our children. He, the collective they, began this movement and are continuing to push it forward. They are dedicated, and committed to this cause. And I know that you are too.

They stepped forward when others didn’t. Their bravery and commitment is admirable. They demonstrate that we are not helpless. We don’t have to sit around and wait for this un-elected Governor to continue to take away our rights as parents. If we don’t fight back, the Government will continue to impinge on our freedoms until there is nothing left. Our children have no voice. So we must protect them with ours. Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with us as united we cannot and will not fall. A note from Kimberly... As stated above, Chad will be doing his work pro Bono, however, there are many more fees we will incur. Please show your support by donating to help us fight this fight!! Donate