CJL Law can help with your divorce

We understand the hardships of marital disputes

We know how stressful getting divorced can be. It is a life altering event filled with uncertainties.Our clients often fear embarking on a new chapter in their lives. A chapter that hasn't been written yet, but the outcome of the case will fill many of its pages. We understand.

The Law Office of Chad J. LaVeglia can replace that fear and stress with confidence. We educate and inform our clients so they know what lies ahead. Then with all the options on the table, we work together to formulate a plan to get the desired outcome. So when the chapter is written, you'll want to read it again.

Equitable Distribution is not Equal Distribution

In a matrimonial proceeding good negotiation skills are paramount. While we have seen our fair share of bitterly contested divorces, most can be resolved through efficient negotiations. We work to do what's best for our clients. That includes economical, and intelligent litigation strategies. Ultimately, we work hard to ensure our clients get nothing less than they're entitled to.

Have we mentioned that we are seasoned trial lawyers?

We settle cases that other lawyers can't because our trial skills help facilitate settlement. Our adversaries know that going to trial against us is a bigger risk. But sometimes negotiations fail. And when they do, you can count on us to aggressively, artfully, and decisively, advocate for you. Our experience in the courtroom often exceeds our opponents. Learn more by calling us today.

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Divorce Resources

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