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    Trials & Hearings

  • 28+ trials
  • 50+ hearings
  • Speacialized knowkedge in almost every area of the Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Vehicle and Traffic Law, & Evidence
  • Winning Record
  • Evidence Suppressed:

  • Identification Evidence
  • Trial evidence
  • Physical Evidence
  • Drugs
  • Confessions
  • Weapons
  • DWI Refusals
  • Illegal searches and seizures
  • No probable cause
  • Tainted Evidence
  • Cases Dismissed:

  • Speedy trial
  • Insufficient accusatory instrument
  • Interest of justice
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Defective Grand Jury Indictments
  • Experience On the Front Lines

  • Former Public Defender in Brooklyn
  • Former Nassau County Assistant District Attorney
  • Represented thousands of clients
  • Beat the opposition from both sides
  • CJ Law Experience

  • Thorough Case Investigation
  • Skilled Negotiations increase the likelihood of a favorable plea bargain
  • Client Centered Representation
  • Excellent Foresight and attention to detail
  • Razor sharp trial lawyer
  • skilled advocacy, polished to advance your interests
  • Creative defenses
  • We deeply understand our clients' needs and the legal issues in their cases
  • Ahead of the curve

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Chad has got soul, and his soul is deep.The fear of facing double digit upstate time disappeared whenever we spoke. I wasn't just a client to him. He went through the case with me, like he was the one facing time. We went through it together. But man, seeing this guy in court is something else. When he walks into the courtroom the atmosphere changes. It's like time stops. That's soul. But when the judge and prosecutor were speaking he just stood there silent. His face was neutral. The judge asked Chad if there was anything he wanted to add and that's when the real magic happened. It was like he ripped out a tommy gun from his briefcase. No one saw it coming and the power of his words won the case. Yeah, my man has soul."

- MJ

My brother in law lied to the police. He said that I threatened him when I was walking with my 4 year old son. Chad had enormous patience with me. He explained the process and the impacts of my decisions in a way that was easy to understand.But I wouldn't take any plea. So we went to trial. Chad cornered my brother in law to admit he lied! It was amazing. I was acquitted thanks to Chad.


I don't know where to begin. Chad fought harder for me than any other lawyer I've had. When I told him the police were making it up he went out right away to get evidence. He got video showing that the police were lying. He always responded immediately to my calls, and met with me whenever. Sometimes I would just drop in. Chad always greeted me with a smile. When the prosecutors still didn't drop the case he fought even harder. During the trial, Chad destroyed the cop on cross the judge told the prosecutor if they didn't dismiss the case it would not end up well. So They did. Years later, when Chad wasn't even a public defender anymore, he testified for me in federal court. He even had the transcripts from our case. That's how much he cares. His talents as a trial lawyer are equal to his compassion. He is one of a kind.

- DA

Chad believed in me from the moment we met. He won me over quickly by listening intently to everything I had to say and following through. When he investigated my case, Chad found video that ended up resulting in the case being dismissed.

- JB

I've never seen anyone capture a juries attention like Chad did. They were hanging on his every word.


Quick witted and knows his stuff. Handled my case like a champ