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Breach of Contract

When a business transaction goes south, the first thing the parties do is look at the contract. When a resolution can't be reached, litigation usually follows. Modern contracts are complex. The litigators at CJL LAW have years of experience with contracts and know how to break through their complexities. Contracts are often open to interpretation. We take the words in the gray areas and turn them into weapons.
As trial lawyers, we know that contract disputes require more to win than applying the law. They also require the power to persuade a judge or jury. We combine our legal knowledge with our courtroom skills to deliver a winning message. If you're looking for a big "white shoe" firm, you're in the wrong place. We don't sit in an ivory tower looking down at the people. Neither do jurors. Our success in the courtroom is why so many cases never lead to trial. We also litigate efficiently so you spend less. Do you want litigators who will deliver a winning message? If so, call today.

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